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Woodman Point is some 8km south of Fremantle along Cockburn Road.  The beach is perfect for family enjoyment as it shelves gently and normally only has small waves.  It faces to the northwest and as a result often avoids the worst of the afternoon sea breeze.  The sand is grey-white with plenty of shells and the water is clear and clean with a sandy bottom.

The section people use for skinny dipping is some 200m long and stretches from an old sign at the northern end (approx. 350m south of jetty), to a broken fence line (see photo) a few hundred metres from the sailing club at the point.  The beach has a minimum of 10m of sand at high tide and behind this is an area of low growing coastal heath.  As the Reserve is administered by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) their rangers patrol the area.

In late summer March flies are occasionally on the beach (they can give a small bite) so some insect repellent can be a good idea.

There are active efforts to protect the area behind the beach so please use the marked paths.  Neither the car park nor paths leading on to the beach are designated as nude areas. 


The access road and car park are paved and are in good condition.  There are trees for shade and plenty of space.  Next to the car park you have all the facilities of the John Graham Park to enjoy (this is definitely all textile) which includes toilets, showers, a children's playground, free gas BBQs, seats, plenty of grass for games, and shade trees.  On weekends and public holidays a fast-food caravan serves hamburgers, fries, rolls, ice cream, drinks etc.

Current Status

The beach has not been legally approved for skinny dipping.  The City of Coburn has erected signs prohibiting nude bathing along the path from the car park to the beach.  Rangers from the City of Coburn (which administers the beach) or CALM have in the past asked nude bathers to cover up or leave the beach.  However the Council has also stated that it will prosecute people in breach of the law and has advised that a person was recently fined for nude bathing on Woodman Point Beach.  

The Department of Sport and Recreation's Woodman Point Recreation Camp is located south of, and behind the beach. The camp caters for up to 100 students doing recreation program such as canoeing, swimming, fishing and raft building activities on over 270 days per annum.  The increased use of this facility from previous years may render the Woodman Point beach as effectively unusable for nude bathing.

When To Visit

The weather is usually suitable between November and April but occasional days outside this period can be delightful. Temperatures vary from 20 to 40oC during the day in these months and rain is unusual from January to April.

The sea breeze usually comes in around midday but does not usually blow the sand around. Even so the morning is usually the best time on the beach.


There are no contacts for this area other than the Perth nudist clubs (see Contacts page).

How To Get There

From Perth city the easiest way is by car which will take less than 30 minutes via the Kwinana Freeway (Route 2). Drive 20km south to the junction with Forrest Road (Route 14) and Beeliar Drive. Turn right and follow Beeliar Drive west for 5.6km to a T junction with Yangebup Road and turn left. Driving west along Yangebup you will cross Stock Road and at 4.1km meet Cockburn Road at a T junction. Turn right for 100m and then left into Woodman Point Recreation Reserve.

If you are travelling from Fremantle you should take Hampton Road (Route 12) south and stay on Route 12 as it becomes Cockburn Road. Keep driving until you cross the railway and then 3.2km (past Fairburn Road on the left) to the southern entrance to Woodman Point Recreation Reserve.

If you want to bus it, take the 138 from Fremantle Train station terminus, and alight on Mayor Road just before the bus turns left into Coburn Road.  Cross Coburn road, turn right and walk 100m to the entrance to Woodman Point Reserve (Nyyerbup Circle). 

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