Whalers Cove

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Whalers Cove (also known as Fisheries Beach) is a small but beautiful beach located approximately 20km from the city centre of Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. The beach is some 300m long and 25m wide, and at the eastern end the sand gives way to rocks.  It is very pleasant to take a clothes-free stroll a short distance along this rocky section. The sand on the beach is white and clean.  The cove is protected from most of the ocean swell, so the waves are usually small and suitable for family swimming.

The water is very clean, clear and cool. There is a seaweed bank some 25m offshore and this, together with the rocks at either end of the beach make for excellent snorkelling.  Small boats sometimes anchor 100m off the beach to fish the weed bank.

The beach has a small steep hill behind it covered by beautiful natural bush.  The hill is also crossed by a track which forms part of the Point Possession Heritage Trail, so sometimes there will be walkers above the beach.


The car park is gravel and there are no showers, water or toilets.  The nearest facilities are at Frenchman Bay Caravan Park & Tearooms (6.5km further on from Quaranup Road junction) where there are modern public toilets.  There are showers outside so unfortunately you canít be nude whilst washing off the sand.

Current Status

Fisheries is not a legally recognised free beach but has a long history of being used for nude bathing.  With the upgrade of the access road the beach is more popular and nudists often share it with textile beach-goers, so use some discretion.  We are not aware of any problems from people sharing the beach.

When To Visit

The weather is usually suitable between December and April with temperatures varying from 20 to 30oC. Rain is less common between November and May.

During the summer (December to February) the prevailing wind is an easterly sea breeze, which blows along the beach. The wind usually starts by midday and strengthens during the day.  A beach shelter or windbreak can be essential if you intend staying during the afternoon. During the autumn however, the prevailing wind switches to a westerly, and because Fisheries is on the eastern side of Vancouver Peninsula protected by a large hill, it is one of the best beaches to be on.


There are no contacts for this area.

How To Get There

Fisheries Beach is approximately 20km from the city centre of Albany.  The drive on sealed roads takes 15 minutes.  From Princess Royal Drive take the Frenchman Bay road (Tourist route 5 and 258) heading for the Whaling Station.  At 12.1km turn left into Quaranup Road and follow this for 6km passing the hairpin bend (watch your speed) before turning right into the "Whalers Cove" car park which is signposted.  If you reach Camp Quaranup, the former Quarantine Station, you will need to retrace your steps.

A pathway with concrete steps leads from the centre of the car park down a gentle slope to the beach (not the Point Possession Heritage Trail which is signposted).  Turn left and walk along the first beach to the large rocks on the shoreline.  The free beach section starts on the north side of the rocks.  There are no signs on the beach.

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