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Geraldton is some 460km north of Perth, a five hour drive on good sealed roads, or commercial flights run several times a week from Perth.  Being a city of ~25,000 people, all types of accommodation up to resort-style 4 star hotel/motels are available.  The city offers a range of amenities and facilities, including restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, galleries, museums, car rentals, hospitals etc.

A port city settled in 1849, Geraldton is the administration centre of the Mid West Region with the major industries being mining, fishing, agriculture and tourism.  It is recognised as the world leader in the rock lobster industry, producing world class quality seafood from the pristine waters off the Batavia Coast.  Learn about the numerous historical shipwrecks at the new maritime museum, including that of the Batavia, and the horrific scene of the first settlement by Europeans on Morning Reef in 1629.

Sunset beach starts at the car park and you can walk some 5km north to Drummond Cove.  The sand is white, medium grained and clean. It slopes fairly gently to the shoreline.  Swimming requires care as the beach does not have life guards.  The continued use of Sunset Beach for nude bathing is threatened by housing developments behind the dunes and it may not be possible to use the area as a free beach in future.  


The car park is gravel and well maintained.  Showers, water and toilets are located in the car park. The Glenfield Shopping Centre has a supermarket, newsagent & bakery.

Current Status

The beach is unofficial and is not signposted for nude use.  In 2003 an attempt to have the Council declare it a legal clothing optional beach was opposed by a group of nearby residents and the proposal dropped.  Unfortunately, creeping suburbia over the past 5 years has lead to the development of new housing areas behind the dunes for some 1.5km north of Wentworth Drive.  As a result a large section of the beach where people swam nude has housing estates just out of sight.  The beach is still empty for big periods of time particularly week days and school times but it is no longer the same.  Sunset beach is very much under threat as a free beach as the population of Geraldton grows.

When To Visit

The weather is most suitable between November and April with daily average temperatures varying from a minimum of 15-20o to a maximum of 25-35oC.  During the summer (December to March) you can expect maximum temperatures up to 43oC.  Rain is unusual between January and May.

Geraldton is renowned as a mecca for windsurfers from October to March, and over this period a westerly sea breeze is normal from midday, so plan to use the beach in the morning.


There are no nudist contacts for this area. The Geraldton Visitor Centre will be happy to help you in any way they can.  Situated in the Bill Sewell Complex on the corner of Chapman Road & Bayly Street, they can be contacted by telephone on +61 8 9921-3999, facsimile +61 8 9964-2445, or e-mail

How To Get There

Sunset Beach is located some 6km north of the city centre.  From the centre, take the North West Coastal Highway (national route 1) heading north past Spalding Park, and across the Chapman River.  You will come to a large roundabout at the junction with Chapman Valley Road, turn left heading for the ocean for 450m.  This will take you straight around a small roundabout at Glenfield Shopping Centre and on to Bosley Road.  Turn right at Pinna Way and immediately left into Volute Street.  Continue along Volute around a right bend, and turn left into Triton Way.  The car park is at the end of the road, drive to the north end and park.  In total the car park is 1.35km from the large roundabout on the main highway. 

The car park is set just behind the beach.  Walk 50m on to the beach and then north until you find a suitable spot.  Please stay out of the dunes as there is an active Coastal Care Project (see the signs in the car park).

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