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Rottnest Island, Perth's own holiday island is located just 18km west of Fremantle.  The island is 11x4.5km in size with 40km of coastline, most of it comprising stunning sandy beaches and coves with small coastal limestone cliffs behind (these can be unstable so beware).  The sand is white and the water crystal clear with a colour no photograph can reproduce!

The beaches at Thomson and Geordie Bays on the northeast side of the island are close to the two accommodation areas and hence are well used by textiles.  But the island abounds with beautiful safe swimming and snorkelling spots where you can be nude without problem although none have legal status.  Some suggested spots are shown on the map at the end of this document.

The Island atmosphere is relaxed with most folks getting around on bicycles. It is very safe for families therefore.  Most of the accommodation is very reasonably priced but it can be difficult to find a vacancy during busy periods so book ahead.

Rottnest is a Class A reserve administered by the Rottnest Island Authority for the State Government. The rangers are far more likely to take an interest in you if you feed or harm the wildlife, pick plants or litter.  If you use a little discretion and common sense a visit to Rottnest island can be the perfect naturist holiday.


The Settlement at Thomson Bay is the main accommodation, shopping and administrative centre. The Visitor Centre next to the main jetty is your best source of information and maps of the island.  There are walking tours, bus tours, a museum, a train ride to WW2 facilities and a 9-hole golf course amongst other attractions.

To get around, take the Bayseeker bus ($7.50 for the day) that trundles around the island every hour. Just hop off and get back on where you please.  If you are more energetic or just want the freedom to go anywhere, hire a bike at The Settlement.

Current Status

None of the beaches on Rottnest have the status of legal free beaches.

When To Visit

The weather is usually suitable between November and April but occasional days outside this period can be delightful.  Temperatures vary from 20 to 40oC during the day in these months and rain is unusual from January to April.  The climate is best described as semi-arid Mediterranean and is influenced by the warm Leeuwin Current, which surrounds the island.

The sea breeze usually comes in around midday and blows from the south or southwest.  Happily, on an island it is always possible to find a sheltered beach somewhere.


There are no contacts available on nude bathing at Rottnest, however you could e-mail one of the three nudist clubs in Perth for information. (see Contacts page).

How To Get There

Easy, get on a ferry, or fly from Perth airport!  Ferries leave from Barrack Street jetty in Perth, but unless you want to enjoy the river views a better option is C Shed berth or Rouse Head, both in Fremantle.  The trip only takes half an hour.  A fast ferry also leaves from Hillarys Boat Harbour.  See the links at the bottom of the page for detailed information.

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