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Redgate Beach (North)


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Redgate beach is the closest beach to the town of Margaret River that can normally be used for nude bathing. It is not a legally gazetted beach so discretion and the usual common sense are called for, however we have never had any problems in using this beach over many years. Redgate actually has three beaches and all can be used nude however none are patrolled by lifesavers so you are responsible for your own safety in the water.

Northern Beach

This beach is possibly the most suitable and provides several kilometres of deserted sand to the north for the naturist to enjoy. The access from the car park is only 200m long but quite steep and the path is mostly sand. Once on the beach you can stay close to the access near the rocks on the southern end, or walk as far as you like northward. If you prefer not to be seen from the car park then head north, however we have found that people coming on to the beach, having already seen nudists, are quite likely to go nude themselves.

The sand is clean, yellow and medium grained but does shelve a little steeply into the water, and on some days the waves can be quite powerful so care is needed. Seaweed or insects are not normally a problem. If you are lucky you may see dolphins swimming just a few metres off the beach, we were fortunate enough to see a mother and baby swimming together one morning.

Centre Beach

A little further south is the main car park and paths lead to two beaches, one each side of the car park. A 200m walk north on a good path (you do have to walk over a few smooth rocks) brings you to a small cove with rocks for shelter at either end. The most suitable area for nude bathing is the northern end which will require you to walk ~250m along the beach. The sand understandably is similar to the northern beach but swimming is possibly a little easier due to the sheltering rocks.

Southern Beach

If you walk south from the car park the path becomes quite sandy and you have a 500m walk behind a series of beach boulders to reach the best part of the beach. Like the central beach, this one is commonly used by textiles so the best option is to head further along the beach (250m) to the rocks on the southern end. On busy holidays and summer weekends it may be difficult to use this beach.

Of the three beaches, this one has the best swimming as the angle of the sand into the water is reasonably shallow. On windy days a good option is to shelter amongst the boulders between the beach and the car park. Swimming is a bit of a problem but at least you don't get blown away!


The access road and main car park are sealed and are in good condition. The short road to the northern beach is gravel. There are no showers or fresh water so be sure to bring it with you. There are no rubbish bins so please take your refuse home with you. Toilet facilities have been provided by CALM at the main car park however.

Current Status

This area lies within the Leeuwin - Naturalist National Park and is administered by the Department of Conservation and Land Management. Complaints by textile beach users will result in action by the police or CALM Rangers. In very busy periods the best option is to use the much less popular northern beach even though it is a bit of a scramble back up to the car park.

When To Visit

The weather is usually suitable between November and April but occasional days outside this period can be delightful. Temperatures vary from 20 to 40oC during the day in these months and rain is unusual from January to April.

The sea breeze usually comes in around midday and can blow the soft sand everywhere, so the morning is usually the best time on the beach. Take a strong windbreak if you intend staying during the afternoon.


There are no contacts for this area.

How To Get There

From the centre of Margaret River drive south (up the hill) for 1.2km heading for Augusta. Turn right at Boodjidup Road heading south west for 7.4km (past the light industrial area) to the T junction with Caves Road. Turn left, and drive south for 2.9km to a cross-roads with Redgate Road which is signposted to Redgate Beach. Turn right and drive 2.3km to the turn-off to the northern beach (on the right), or continue on another 1.2km to the main car park.

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