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22 Feb 2014

World Record Skinny Dip Attempt

North Swanbourne Free beach is to host an attempt to beat the current world record of 729 persons all skinny dipping at the same time.  The target is 800 people so if you would like to be a world-record holder get involved by registering at



2 Feb


Swanbourne Olympics 2011

We are sorry to report that the Swanbourne Olympics will not be held in 2011.  We hope that an annual fun day will be again held in 2012 on the third Sunday of February.  If you would like to help in organising a future event, please contact us.



20 Feb


Swanbourne News & Olympics #25 in 2010

Read the February 2010 edition (v27 #2, Olympics Issue) NSBUA Newsletter v27#2.



2 Jan


Swanbourne News & Olympics #25 in 2010

Read the December 2009 edition (v27 #1)  North Swanbourne Beach Users Newsletter.



9 Nov


Swanbourne Masterplan Public Meeting Report

The City of Nedlands held a public meeting on 7 November to discuss the Draft Report and invited public comment.  A FBWA representative attended the meeting and once again presented beach users' needs to the City Officers present.  In summary, the issues and proposed developments are:

Car Parking: The grassed area of the Oval behind the present overflow car park will be available for parking once the new cafe has opened.  The parking situation will be monitored by the City and the gate unlocked as required.  If you cannot park anywhere near the beach FBWA suggests that you ring the Nedlands City Rangers (see Contact Nedlands). 


Once funding has been obtained the new parking area will be formalised and landscaped, but it will not be sealed.  Whilst the number of car parking spaces has not been defined the City has at least acknowledge the problem and is proposing a possible solution.

Beach Access: The existing beach access at the northern end of the beach front will be closed as it acts as a wind tunnel for sand to blow on to the recreation area.  In its place the City proposes a board walk over the dunes that will give beach users access some 30m further north up the beach (i.e. closer to the free beach section).  Although a raised board walk behind the dunes with direct access to the free beach would be preferable (easier for families & seniors) and would discourage inappropriate use of the dunes on Lot 2, the proposed new beach access is an improvement.

Changing Rooms & Toilets: No changes to the original design of the new cafe have been made, and no allowance for additional showers that can be used nude has been made.  The City has therefore reduced the changing room area, and the number of enclosed showers, by over 70%.  It would seem that the desire to make the area unattractive to "undesirables", has outweighed the responsibility of the City to provide appropriate facilities for beach users.  Although NSBUA and FBA representatives have proposed alternative design concepts that would achieve both objectives, it would seem that the City is unwilling to consider such concepts.  For the time being then, there will only be a single shower stall in each to the ladies and gents change room/toilets at the cafe.

You can download a copy of the report from the Council website at City Of Nedlands - Draft Masterplan (note that the document is a rather hefty 35Mb in size) or it can be viewed at the Council Offices, Nedlands Library and Mt Claremont Library .

Written comments must be received by the City by 11 December, 2009



2 Nov


Fremantle Port Dredging to Impact Swanbourne Beach?

A dredging program is expected to start in January 2010 as part of $250 million plans to deepen and expand the port.  There are concerns from coastal environmental groups and some local Councils (including Cottesloe) that the dredging will result in northern beaches becoming polluted and that it may also affect the Rottnest Channel Swim in February.  A report by the Environmental Protection Authority in June confirms that the project will produce a visible plume along the coast, affecting beachgoers for 6 months.

The Port Authority (FPA) are extending a 1 km long seawall north from Rous Head to contain the dredging waste from the harbour in a contained pond, which will then decant water to the sea.  A plume is expected to travel north.  Computer modelling suggests that the dredging will have "minimal impact" on metropolitan beaches with "short-lived visible plumes" extending up to about 2km north of the Rous Head reclamation area.  The material to be dredged was tested and found to be “uncontaminated” – i.e. within safety guidelines, and is predicted to comprise clean sand and limestone.

Apparently recent media reports of possible northern beaches contamination was based on plume modelling with no monitoring, i.e. a worst case scenario – which will not be the case.  The FPA assured a recent public meeting that if the monitoring showed unacceptable levels of plume sediment, the project will be shut down until rectified.  The monitoring results will be made publicly available on their website.

The issue will be discussed at a public meeting - the Swanbourne Coastal Alliance Inc is holding its 2009 AGM on Thursday 19 November at 7:00pm (venue: Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Life Club (end of Marine Parade, Swanbourne Beach, parking in the upper carpark).



2 Nov


Swanbourne Olympics #25 in 2010

We have a preliminary date for this summer's Nude Olympic Games on Sunday 21 February from 10.00am.  Watch this space for confirmation and further details.



1 Nov


The Naked Fig at Swanbourne Beach

The Swanny Reef Café is now closed and we have lost our quad bike beach refreshments as well.  It is unclear whether the new café/restaurant owners will consider re-instating this service.  The new 160-seat facility has been completed to lock-up stage and is expected to be operating in December 2009.  The restaurant, to be named the Naked Fig Café, will be run by sisters Greer and Lorna Marns, who also own the Wild Fig Café located on West Coast Drive at Watermans Bay  (Marmion).  Not surprisingly, the choice of name seems appropriate to us.

The original Fig describes itself as a colourful, ambient & ethical young business which has offered patrons “amazing” food, great coffee & unbeatable service since December 2000.

See other photos from the Facebook Photo Album


30 Oct



Swanbourne Precinct Masterplan - Draft Report

Council has released the Draft report for public comment and is holding a public meeting on Saturday 7 November from 9.00am to 12.00pm at the Allen Park Pavilion (access off Kirkwood Road).  Short explanatory presentations will be made at 9.00am and again at 10.30am.  The Community Open Day is your opportunity to provide feedback to Council on the proposals in the draft report.

You can download a copy of the report from the Council website at City Of Nedlands - Draft Masterplan (note that the document is a rather hefty 35Mb in size) or it can be viewed at the Council Offices, Nedlands Library and Mt Claremont Library .

Written comments must be received by the City by 11 December, 2009.



8 Aug



Swanbourne Dunes Tree Planting

Children from Swanbourne Primary School joined with the City of Nedlands to plant out many trees and shrubs on the dunes of Swanbourne Beach on Friday 31 July.  The area is just south of the section used for nude bathing but is a great initiative that FBWA thinks we could emulate, perhaps next year, to improve the environment behind our beach.  See an extract of the City Newsletter for more about the tree planting.



16 June


Swanbourne Olympics Archive

Your Webmaster recently came across a box of documents (thanks Jen) that contained all the North Swanbourne Beach Users Association newsletters back to 1979/80.  Being something of an archivist I couldn't resist the urge to immortalise this collection of naturist cultural history, and so FBWA has pleasure in presenting the Swanbourne Olympics Archive page.  It represents quite a body of written work, mostly by Bruce Grieve, and includes all the Swanbourne Nude Olympics programs back to the first fun-filled day held on the 4th of April, 1983.  We have also included a collection of press clippings and other articles.

It takes a bit of work to scan and digitise the old documents so new material will be added over the coming weeks. 



27 Mar


WA Coastal Planning Strategy

December 2008 the WA Planning Commission released a Draft Perth Coastal Planning Strategy report and invited public submissions by 31 March 2009.  The purpose of the Perth Coastal Planning Strategy is to guide future sustainable planning for conservation, recreation, infrastructure and development of the metropolitan coast.  We have extracted the portions of this lengthy report that relate to Swanbourne (pdf 2.5MB) and Warnbro (pdf 0.9MB) Free Beaches. 

The report states that North Swanbourne (termed "Barracks" in the report) beach is currently used by nudists – "resulting in some social problems."  Obviously an erroneous conclusion as the nudists on the free beach are not the problem (those in the dunes, and who used the old toilet block as a meeting place for sex, are).  The report concludes that there is no current intention for the military camp to move.  "Any change of use and opportunities for future development should ensure that the coastal physical processes setback is contained completely in the foreshore reserve and further that foreshore reserve delineation includes consideration of ecological values, landscape, seascape, visual amenity, indigenous and cultural heritage, public access, public recreation needs and safety to lives and property."   No proposals for any development i.e. marina, are made.

At Warnbro the Study proposes that no changes be made to the current use, although the fact that there is a free beach at Warnbro is not acknowledged.



27 Mar


Swanbourne Olympics 2009 - Report

 Read our report on the 2009 Swanbourne Olympics here (pdf 1.3MB).


  27 Mar 2009

Development Proposals at Swanbourne Beach - Update

The Boating Industry Association of WA announced in late 2008 that they had commissioned a one-year study on the feasibility of developing a 4,000 pen marina on reclaimed seabed off Swanbourne Beach (City Beach end).  See the news release.  This follows on from proposals made by BIAWA in 2007.  See its 2007 Submission to the Perth Recreational Boating Facilities Study.

Wild Fig Cafe: Approval for the 160 seat cafe/restaurant is currently held up by the State Government.  Completion of the project is now expected by the first Quarter of 1020.  Assessment of the impact of the new development is scheduled to take place one year after commencement of operations.  As part of the Masterplan (see below) it is proposed that additional parking will be provided.


  15 Jan 2009

Swanbourne Olympics 2009

Swanbourne will hold its 24th Free Beach Olympics on Sunday 15th February i.e. the usual third Sunday in February.  The fun will start from around 10.00am but get there early to get a good spot, and we always need a few hands to help set things up.  Read the Flyer, and the NSBUA 2009 Newsletter.


  13 Jan 2009

Swanbourne Precinct Masterplan - Potential to Impact Swanbourne Beach

As part of an ongoing process to encourage efficient management of the City's resources and encourage Community partnerships, the City of Nedlands has commenced work to establish a Masterplan for the Swanbourne-Allen Park area. The Masterplan aims to identify opportunities for environmentally sensitive development of facilities in consultation with community groups, to find a use for the old Swanbourne Bowling Club site, and importantly, to sort out the atrocious lack of car parking in the area.

The City is currently in an information gathering process with stakeholders within the Precinct area in order to identify current opportunities and expectations prior to generating any plans.  A number of documents have been released by Nedlands Council and include an Information Document (43Kb) , Aerial Photograph (551Kb) , Boundary Map (264Kb) and Zoning Plan (586Kb).

In December 2008 representatives of FBA and NSBUA (North Swanbourne Beach Users Association) met with Council Officers to discuss and highlight issues for beach users.  A summary of the issues (31Kb) that FBA identified is contained in a letter to Council.

From our discussions it would appear that Council is likely to make the following proposals:

The current upper grassed car park will be sealed and extended (possibly to the north, but more likely along the south side of the oval).

The triangular bush area Lot 1 (see plan 270Kb) and the dunes (Lot 361) north of the Swanny Reef Cafe will be preserved and rehabilitated, and steps taken to restrict access i.e. no marina, no multistorey units (at least at the southern end of the beach).

Pedestrian access will be provided to unify the area. 

FBA regards this is being positive for beach users as far as it goes.  Of course there is no guarantee that these proposals will be implemented.  The one thing that we do need to sort out is the question of the number of showers.  If you are concerned with any of the City's proposals then you should contact them directly.


  12 Aug 2008

"No butts" - Move to Ban Smoking on Swanbourne Beach

The "Western Suburbs Weekly" which is a free Perth community newspaper, recently ran a full size front page photo of a nude couple (showing their butts of course) on a move by Nedlands Council to ban smoking on Swanbourne beach.  Evidently the editor did not want to be outdone by the "West Australian" that had run a rather similar photo of a different nudist couple in June (see below for links).

The article on Swanbourne by Michael Gill canvassed attitudes to the proposed ban amongst Perth's nudist community, including Phoenix and Sunseekers.  Naturally enough there was a range of views.  Nedlands Mayor Sheryl Froese was quoted as saying that the ban would be considered as part of the city's efforts to create "family friendly" areas and promote a healthier lifestyle.

A bit breezy on Swanbourne in July? Picture: Andrew Richie.


Read the 29 July 2008 edition of the paper on line, or a pdf of the "No butts" article (259kb). 

FBWA thinks that it was nice to have a bit more “exposure” in the press for the free beach & nudist movements, however we are afraid that the paper had the wrong story.  Nedlands only controls the beach south of the free beach section (Lot 357 is administered by the State Government), so nudies will be able to continue smoking if they wish.  Of course as an activist for retaining a pristine beach environment, FBWA hopes they all take their butts home with them.  Unfortunately some choose to leave them in the sand for other beach users to enjoy. 

A fine line between freedom for the individual,  and hindering the enjoyment of the beach for others, wouldn’t you say?


See "The Naked Truth" article by Steve Pannells in the West Weekend Magazine section of the "West Australian" newspaper 14 June 2008 (low resolution 1Mb, or high resolution 3.3Mb pdf).  FBWA couldn't find the article on the The West's web site so the links above are to scanned images, hope that's OK guys.


  10 Mar 2008

"Swanbourne Rises Again" - Olympics 2008 Report

Well the Olympics are back!  We counted over 300 on the beach for the events, down on previous years but understandable after the 3 year gap.  This year the events took place on Sunday 24th February, but next year we expect to be back to the usual 3rd Sunday in February.  You can read the North Swanbourne Beach Users Association Newsletter and Program of Events (251kb), and a report (87kb) of the efforts to revive the Olympics together with a summary of the day's events (thanks to Peter & Amanda Taylor at Peter Taylor Photographics for help with the article, & the photos).



7 Jan 2008


No Showers & Less Car Parking for Swanbourne Beach Users!

As part of a plan to redevelop the cafe site at Swanbourne the shower & toilet blocks have been closed, and a demountable temporary toilet facility has been located near the Surf Club.  There are now no showers at the beach, other than a couple on the side of the Life Savers' Tower which are in full public view.  It seems an odd decision by Nedlands Council to close the facilities in the middle of the busy season, especially when the new cafe development has not been approved by the DPI, and is not due to start for some time. 

FBWA notes that the Council has been concerned with the use of the existing facilities as a meeting place for what are described as "undesirables" who apparently engage in "inappropriate" behaviour outside of normal beach hours.  The proposed new cafe/restaurant facility will include toilets and change rooms accessible only from within the cafe, which Council hopes will address this issue.  However the current plan only allows for a single shower in each change room, and no facilities will be available outside the opening hours of the restaurant.

In addition to its rationale to deny the use of the existing change rooms to "undesirables", Nedlands apparently also believes that the cost of unblocking the drains in the existing showers (they fill with sand) is more than the cost to hire the demountable toilet block for many months.  Unfortunately, it seems that Nedlands Council is ignoring the needs of free beach users for a shower after leaving the beach.

The Council included an estimate of the number of car parking bays required for the restaurant.  This amounted to 116 bays, out of a total of 213 bays currently provided.  The Council does not propose to provide ANY additional parking space.  This defies any logic as the car park is full to overflowing on summer weekends as it is.  In addition, further measures to enforce the "no-left-turn" from the car park exit into Odern Crescent are to be built.  So where are people supposed to park?  They will still park on the northern side of Odern Crescent but will have to drive around the houses to get there.  Does this reduce the traffic on Odern Crescent?  FBWA thinks not.  Council must include additional car parking bays, possible only at weekends, by providing access through the existing chain gate on to Swanbourne Reserve.

Read the report included in the Nedlands Council December meeting minutes (pdf 3,252kb), or see a plan (pdf 315kb) of the proposed development.

Swanbourne is now the only major metropolitan beach without adequate shower facilities, and FBWA considers it very likely that the new facilities will not be completed before the end of the 2009 "beach season".  The Council has also progressively reduced the car parking that is available to beach users.  Is this fair?  If you don't think so then write to Nedlands and complain! You should write to:

The Chief Executive, Nedlands Council, PO Box 9 Nedlands WA 6909.



4 Jan 2008


Swanbourne Military Land To Be Developed?

In October 2007 Kevin Rudd announced a proposal to release "surplus" military land around Australia for  development of "medium density housing."  WA Planning & Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan seems to believe that the land occupied by the SAS Barracks  behind North Swanbourne Beach would be a perfect place for such development to assist those looking for low cost housing (see the newspaper article).  Unfortunately, the Minister seems to have ignored the fact that land in this area would be too expensive for first-time-buyers to afford.  In addition, the presence of the Military has in large part, protected the environment of the dunes and coastal land, such that this area is now one of the very few remaining natural areas on Perth's coastline.  Surely we don't need to develop every last hectare of coastal land for rich peoples homes?  Do we really want to live in a concrete jungle like so many other cities?

Although it seems likely that the Military will fight this proposal, we need to be vigilant and monitor what DPI propose.  Write to the Minister to object and get involved in action to protect this area (see SOS links below).



18 Dec 2007

Swanbourne Title Plan

We have prepared a pdf version of a plan showing the status of land in the area of North Swanbourne Beach.  Lot 357 is the free beach section, and starts 275m north of the beach access.  Lot 328 is administered by Nedlands Council and nude bathing is not permitted.  Nedlands Council Rangers patrol this section and can require people to get dressed, or they may issue a fine.  Click here for the plan.



5 Dec 2007

Swanbourne Olympics is ON Again?

Just a twinkle in the organisers' eyes, but the odds are that Swanbourne will hold its 23rd Free Beach Olympics on Sunday 24th February i.e. the fourth Sunday in February.  We had a couple of years where we missed out due to concerns about public liability, but the FBA's policy now covers all free beach carnivals around Australia, so problem solved!  The fun usually starts from around 10.00am but get there early to get a good spot, and we always need a few hands to help set things up.  More information nearer the date.



5 Dec 2007

Woodman Point Threatened by Port Coogee Development

Australand is developing the Port Coogee recreational marina and residential facility.

Considered one of the biggest coastal renewal projects ever undertaken in Australia the $900 million project will see the creation of a "world-class" marina, marina village and a host of living options.  The development is north of the jetty so does not impact directly on the beach, however it will add to the pressure on beach use and may effectively deny nude use.



1 Aug 2007

A Marina For Swanbourne?

 It appears that a proposal to locate a new marina at Swanbourne Beach (as reported by Channel 9 News and Boating WA press release) is being taken seriously, at least by some (i.e backbencher Bob Kucera and Planning Minister Alannah McTiernan).  Read the May 2007 statement by Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Planning & Infrastructure on the draft Perth Recreational Boating Facilities Study.  FBWA finds it difficult to understand why the Minister has proposed Swanbourne as the draft Study clearly identifies it as being unsuitable.

This is only the latest in a series of proposals by Local and State Government to threaten the environment and use of both Swanbourne beach (clothed) and the free beach section that starts 300m to the north.  Earlier this year Nedlands approved the construction of 3 volleyball courts in the dune area immediately behind Swanbourne beach.  Thankfully, this decision was reversed in April after action by the Swanbourne Coastal Alliance.  See the SCA press release.

Councillors John Bell and Robert van Straalen appear to be leading the push on Nedlands Council with active support for the marina and associated development, including 8 storey buildings (Post Newspaper Article).  Both Councillors have evidently talked to an official from the Department of Planning about the idea of development along the coastline at Swanbourne.  Part of the reason given is to "deal" with the issue of the Gay "beat" in the dunes behind the beach (Post Newspaper Article).  This can hardly be seen as a rational response to this problem and FBWA is relieved to see that other Councillors, including Mayor Laurie Taylor, take a more reasoned and mature approach.

The land behind North Swanbourne beach, because of its military use, is one of the few undeveloped sections along the Perth coastline and should be maintained as a natural environment for several reasons:

The Swanbourne dunes are part of an extensive natural dune ecosystem that stretches north and south from North Fremantle to Hillarys over more than 20 km and acts as an unbroken wildlife corridor.

The destruction of a dune rehabilitation project that has taken place over eight years led by the City of Nedlands with the support of the local community and Green Corps.

  • The destruction of the habitat of the southernmost population of the white-winged wren, one of the only two wren species that survives in the Western suburbs.

  • This ecosystem supports a variety of native plants, birds, reptiles, invertebrates.

  • What will happen to Swanbourne Beach, a place that thousands of people visit and cherish?  See what the beach could look like if a marina with 600 pens at Swanbourne, the size of Hillarys Boat Harbour, was constructed (see image from sos-swanbourne).

    Opposition to the proposal is being spearheaded by the Swanbourne Coastal Alliance so check out their web site and support them in their efforts to keep development away from Swanbourne beach.  The Deadline for submissions on the Perth Recreational Boating Study has been extended to 14 Aug 2007.

    If you use the free beach section at Swanbourne, and particularly if you are a Nedlands resident, you need to get involved in this issue by writing to Minister McTiernan, and to Nedlands Council to let your views be known.

    The issues of the use of the dunes as a gay beat, and of reports of inappropriate behaviour on the beach itself (see reports), are a real threat to the unclad use of North Swanbourne beach.



    24 July 2007

    Warnbro Free Beach Saved!

     The Shire of Rockingham has resolved by a 5 to 4 vote, to retain the clothing optional status of the Port Kennedy Free Beach (otherwise known as Warnbro Beach). 

     A report (dated 11 July 2007) was presented to the Corporate& Engineering Services Committee meeting on 17 July that summarised the submissions received by Council to the end of May.  The total submissions received were as follows:

    Free Beach being retained    259

    Free Beach being closed      145

    Free Beach being relocated   20

    Total                                  424

    Of the 242 respondents residing within the City of Rockingham, 40% (98) supported the Free Beach being retained with 60% (128 plus 16) supporting the Free Beach being closed or relocated.  Of the 157 respondents residing outside of the City of Rockingham, 94% (148) supported the Free Beach being retained with 6% (9) supporting the Free Beach being closed or relocated.  Of the total respondents, 61% (259) supported the Free Beach being retained with 39% (165) supporting the Free Beach being closed or relocated.

    The Committee recommended that Council take the following action:

    1. Retain the current determination providing for the wearing of no clothing on an area of specified beach at Port Kennedy.

    2. Advertise locally and on the City’s website of Council’s decision

    3. Upgrade the signage in the area, clearly identifying the location of the free beach.

    Following the Committee's recommendation, the full Council considered the matter on 24 July.  An attempt to change the recommended resolution by Cr P Edman (seconded Cr L Liley) that Council investigate the feasibility of relocating the Free Beach to an alternative location further south, was defeated 4/5 (Crs having voted for the Motion: Cr P Edman, Cr L Liley, Cr G Kettle, Cr L Dodd).

    The Committee's recommendation was then moved by Cr B Warner (seconded Cr R Smith) and carried 5/4.  The Councillors who voted for the Motion were Cr R Smith, Cr B Warner, Cr A Prince, Cr L Dunkling, Cr B Sammels.  Read an extract from the Council Minutes.

    So Warnbro will remain an officially recognised free beach for the foreseeable future.  A BIG "thank you" to those Councillors who supported the rights of Western Australians to enjoy the harmless freedom of skinny dipping.  Thank you also to all those who took the time to write a submission or sign a petition.

    Although Warnbro's future has been decided for now, it is up to all beach users to ensure that this future is not jeopardised by selfish or inappropriate actions.  Report those who misbehave to the Police (call 131 444 on your mobile), and always follow the FBA Beach Etiquette:


    Stay out of dunes and re-vegetation areas


    Obey regulations - National Park, life-saving, fire, fishing and parking


    Don’t wander from established nude areas – this may risk the area's closure


    No overt sexual activity - be nude not lewd – this just undermines our objectives


    Don’t litter – carry out more than you brought in


    Respect the property of others "if your bum is bare cover the chair"


    No unauthorized photography of others, especially children


    Respect the privacy of others – allow others to have space – don’t stare


    Come prepared & be sun smart – bring water, food, towels, sunscreens etc

    bullet Speak up for standards – carry copies of Free Beach Etiquette – report criminal activity to police



    18 April 2007

    Cervantes Free Beach Rejected

     The Shire of Dandaragan has rejected a proposal for a nudist beach at Cervantes after residents claimed it would attract "undesirables" and cut property values. 

    In February 2007, Council agreed to the advertising of a proposal to establish a nudist beach located approximately 500 metres south of the Barcelona Street car park in Cervantes.  The idea was put forward by locals who believed it would enhance the experience of European travellers visiting the Pinnacles, a major tourist attraction in the nearby Nambung National Park, 250km north of Perth. 

    It would appear that very few people outside the area knew that this proposal had been put to Council.  The period for public submissions closed on April 5 without any being received in favour of the proposal.

    Read the Sunday Times article, and an extract from the Council Minutes.



    20 Mar 2007

    What Can You Do to Save Warnbro Free Beach?

    1.       Write to Rockingham Council yourself, opposing any change to the status of the beach.  This is the most important action you can take, especially if you are a Rockingham ratepayer.  Please use your own words and add any extra arguments you like.  The most important points to emphasise are:

    a.       The beach is unique in Perth, and used by families & seniors because of the easy access and safe bathing.

    b.       Complaints of inappropriate behaviour are without basis.

    c.       The beach has been used without problem for over 20 years as a free beach.

    d.       Anyone is welcome at the beach but if they have a personal problem with the sight of the nude human form they can walk along the sealed path behind the beach.

    e.       The 900m length of free beach is only 4% of Rockingham’s coastline.

    f.        The vast majority of Western Australians do not object to nude bathing at properly signposted beaches.

    g.       Commercial interests e.g. Port Kennedy, should not be allowed to interfere with your enjoyment of the beach.

    2.      Organise a petition or make sure you sign one of those already being circulated.  Get all your friends to sign up too.  However, note that Council will give far more emphasis to written submissions.

    3.   Join FBA to support free beaches all over Australia.  Check out the web site to download an application form http://www.freebeach.com.au/index.htm.

    Writing a letter using the information on this page is easy and will only take 30 minutes at most.  Why not use the Word document we have prepared to assist you?

    Please, if you enjoy Warnbro Beach nude, write a letter or e-mail before the Council revokes its legal status.



    28 Mar 2007

    Warnbo Beach Campaign Documents

    Council officers prepared a report for consideration by Council at its meeting on 27 February, 2007 (107Kb).

    FBA made a submission to Council that was included in the agenda for the meeting (22 February 2007,210Kb).

    Notice of period for public submissions on Port Kennedy Free Beach from Rockingham Council (20 March 2007, 50Kb).

    Information on Port Kennedy area including a Land Use Plan (189Kb), Port Kennedy Management Board Activity Report 2005 (984Kb), and other General Information (109Kb) on the Port Kennedy area.



    9 Dec 2006

    Warnbo Beach in Doubt?

    Rockingham Shire Council has requested a report on the free beach at Warnbro in light of complaints about a photographer being seen in the dunes behind the beach.

    Council officers will prepare a comprehensive report on the suitability of an area of beach in Port Kennedy remaining as a Free Beach, addressing issues associated with recent complaints and taking into consideration the substantial residential growth adjacent to the area and also the progressive development of the Port Kennedy Estate.

    Council officers to consult with the WA Police Department to identify data on wilful exposure and indecent acts that have occurred in that area and include such data in the comprehensive report.

    Seek clarification on what is deemed to be lawful as a nudist on Western Australian beaches and if the sand dune area is also a Free Beach area.

    Read the Council Minutes for more information.

    Please contact the council using its web site, or write to the Council at PO Box 2142 Rockingham DC 6967 WA.  You should refer to "CES397/11/06 Port Kennedy Free Beach."

    Encourage your friends to also contact the Council on this matter.



    18 Aug 2006

    Added Google Earth page, map legend, FAQ page, and this page!

    Google Earth lets you view seamless air photos of our planet and zoom in to see individual houses, even cars.  The coverage is better (more detailed/higher resolution) in some areas than others.  FBWA has prepared a "placemark" file that can be used to show you exactly where each beach is, and what it looks like.

    The legend page shows what the symbols used on the FBWA maps & air photos mean.

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    Do you have some up-to-date information on free beaches in WA?  If so please contact us.