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Did you know that there is a free on-line application from Google that lets you view seamless aerial photographs of the entire globe?  Why not look at the free beach that interests you, in close-up using this simple-to-use mapping program.  You can print your own map of your favourite beach.  The quality of the photography varies, it is generally very good in towns and cities, sometimes less so in remote areas.

If you are interested then check out the Google Earth page first, then browse the Help page, which has useful information on system requirements.

Follow the instructions below to get going with Google Earth:

  1. Download the free software and install it on your computer.  Just click the link on the Download page (note the "Plus" and "Pro" versions are not free). 

  2. Follow the instructions from Google to save the file on your computer, and then install the software.

  3. Then you will need to download the placemark file "Free Beaches.kmz" from FBWA.  This contains the location markers and short descriptions of the free beaches on the FBWA website.  If Google Earth is already installed or running, the placemark file will be automatically loaded into your "Temporary Places."  To keep it, just pull it into "My Places," or right click it and <Save As>.

  4. If Google Earth does not start, just select the program from the Start Menu, then open the kmz file using <File><Open> and browse to where you saved the kmz file.  Alternatively you can just double click the kmz file in Windows Explorer.

Just click on any placemark for information on that beach, or double click to fly in closer.  Hold down the left button to drag the view (pan), or the right button to zoom in or out.

Download Google Earth Download Placemarks

Page updated 2 July, 2009.

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Do you have some up-to-date information on free beaches in WA?  If so please contact us.