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The Naturist/Nudist community is a fantastic caring group of people from a diverse range of back grounds who are aware of the fragile balance and scrutiny their clothing-free family lifestyle attracts. This common sense approach to ‘free beach etiquette’ has been developed to ensure the growth and safety of our free beaches, and to facilitate a balanced acceptance of our clothing-free family lifestyle within mainstream society.

Stay out of dunes and re-vegetation areas

Obey regulations - National Park, life-saving, fire, fishing and parking

Don’t wander from established nude areas – this may risk the area's closure

No overt sexual activity - be nude not lewd – this just undermines our objectives

Don’t litter – carry out more than you brought in

Respect the property of others"if your bum is bare cover the chair"

No unauthorized photography of others, especially children

Respect the privacy of others – allow others to have space – don’t stare

Come prepared & be sun smart – bring water, food, towels, sunscreens etc

Speak up for standards – carry copies of Free Beach Etiquette – report criminal activity to police

Our thanks to the FBA for this excellent, common sense guide to expected behaviour on our free beaches.


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