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Broome is 591km by road from Port Hedland on the Great Northern Highway, or over 2,000km northeast of Perth.  It is a great base for exploring the Kimberley region with its many natural wonders.  Broome is a busy tourist-oriented town with all types of accommodation up to 5 star resorts, and frequent flights to Perth, Darwin and some international destinations.

Broome is renown for its diverse cultural history, and pearling industry.  Since the 1890s Broome has been a world centre for pearls, initially gathered from natural oyster beds by up to 400 pearling luggers.  The modern industry is based on pearl farms but relics of its history remain such as the old jetty and the Japanese cemetery.

Cable Beach extends 22kms north from Gantheaume Point, and takes its name from the telegraph cable that connected Broome with Java.  Some regard it as WAs best free beach with easy access and other attractions such as the beach camel rides.  The beach shelves gently, and with the large tidal range the sea can recede a couple of hundred metres at low tide.  At high tide the beach is 20-30m wide.  Many people drive on to the beach, which can make it seem a bit busy on weekends.  However, if you have a 4WD it is always possible to keep driving up the beach until you find a quiet spot.

Although we are not aware of any particular hazards at Cable Beach, we recommend visitors obtain local up-to-date advice before swimming in the waters off northern Australia.

If you enjoy a sunset over the ocean we also recommend a drink in the Sunset Bar at the Cable Beach Resort, which has a great view.  But get there early, its a popular spot.  Alternatively take a bottle of bubbly on to the beach and enjoy the view au naturel.


At the car park there are showers and toilets.  Behind the car park there are a few shops, plus the facilities at the resorts.

Current Status

Cable Beach is a legal clothing optional beach, but only north of the rocks.  There has been some discussion that vehicles should be banned from the beach, but this has been vigorously rejected by most of the local beach users.

When To Visit

The weather is most suitable between April and October with average temperatures varying from 16-29oC.  During the summer (December to March) you can expect maximum temperatures up to 40oC and the Kimberley region is sometimes subject to cyclones during this period.  Rain is unusual between August and December although it does become humid and tropical from November on.

A sea breeze is normal from lunchtime and cools off the town during summer.  The beach is still enjoyable unless a really strong wind is blowing.


There are no nudist contacts for this area. The Broome Tourist Bureau will be happy to help you in any way they can. They can be contacted by telephone on +61 8  9192 2222, facsimile +61 8 9192 2063, e-mail

How To Get There

Cable Beach is well signposted.  From town take Frederick Street past the airport, and then turn right into Cable Beach Road.  Drive 1.5km to a right turn at a roundabout, and then 0.6km to a second roundabout.  Take a left and follow the road 1.4km to the car park.

The car park is sealed and just behind, and above the beach.  If you are on foot, walk down the ramp on the north side on to the beach, and then 100-200m to your right around the point past the rocks.  Then just pick a spot.

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