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Esperance is located 710km SSE of Perth and is approximately 3 hours drive south of Kalgoorlie.  The area is acclaimed as home to "Australia's Best Beaches". The squeaky white sand and brilliant blue waters of Esperance provide ideal conditions for surfing, fishing, sailing, and swimming.  The Esperance region also contains four national parks including Cape Le Grand and the Fitzgerald River.

10 Mile Lagoon Beach is some 17 km west of Esperance, within the Butty Harbour Nature Reserve.

The beach extends for several kilometres to the west, and in fact is not signposted as ending in this direction so enjoy a long walk along the shore.  An offshore limestone reef forms a barrier to the larger waves and creates a lagoon where it is safe for swimming and children.  The sand is fine, yellow and clean, and the water crystal clear but cool on this southern coastline of the continent.

The beach was signposted at the road as a free beach but the sign has since been burnt down in a bush fire.  On the access track on to the beach however, a council sign confirms that nude bathing is permitted, and this is also noted on the Tourist Loop map at the eastern end of Twilight Beach Road.

Esperance is justifiably well known for its spectacular beaches but beware climbing on rocks in exposed areas as occasional very large waves known as “King Waves” have swept many people to their deaths from this coastline.


The small car park is gravel and there are no showers, water or toilets. The nearest toilet & shower facilities are at Twilight Beach, roughly 6km back towards town.

Current Status

The Esperance shire council noted that increasing numbers of nude bathers were using the town beach and decided in 1983 to allocate a beach specifically for use by those wishing to sunbath and swim free of clothing.  Originally at Observatory Point or Nine Mile Beach, the access was very steep and was frequently used by surfers and fisher folk.  The Council later relocated the nude bathing area further west to Ten Mile Lagoon. 

When To Visit

The weather is usually suitable between December and April with temperatures varying from 20 to 30oC. Rain is unusual between November and May.

Although the water is beautifully clear and a crystal blue colour, it can be cool swimming in the southern ocean.  Swimming is best during mid-summer, unless you are a polar bear, or a Pom!


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How To Get There

Follow the signs to the “Great Ocean Drive” which leads you west along the coast from the town.  Drive roughly 17km past Twilight, and Nine Mile Beaches, you will pass two wind farms.  Just past the entrance to the second wind farm (Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm) you will find the entrance to the small gravel car park.  A sign in the car park advises that the free beach starts 100m west along the beach.  A short path with steps leads down on to the beach.

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